Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterecipe Adventurest- New Recipe

Capellini D’Angelo Roma by Chef Dennis

This is my first installment of my Pinterecipes.
This recipe looked yummy and I had the ingredients in my kitchen. 
I followed the recipe by Chef Dennis which can be found at this link: 

Let me start by saying I am an everyday-mom-meal "sheph". 
My husband is more of a "chef". I like to try recipes that are easy and have a nice picture. 
Pinterest has been a great resource so I've decided to become a 
 Pinterecipe Adventurest

In following this recipe, here are some things that I found or did. I used portabella mushrooms because they are heartier and, well, I had them already. I had a party this weekend and we had the Costco 
tri-meat Italian pack with the salamis and proscutto. I used the rest of the proscutto from that. 
Chef Dennis says that if the sauce is too thick, add chicken stock. I, Sheph Adventurest, found it too watery, so I added corn starch (two Tbs in 4 Tbs of cold water and add to sauce). Campanelle noodles aren't that easy to find. I found them at Home Goods believe it or not. I had them in my cupboard because I searched high and low for them for another recipe and never made it. hmph. 
I have checked many grocery stores. I couldn't even find them at Whole Foods. 

   Adding crushed tomatoes to the mushrooms and chicken stock to that.

 The wine is important in the fourth picture.
 The food is likely to taste better after a nice glass of Chardonnay if the recipe isn't good 
or the "Sheph" isn't that good. 
Be sure to give your guests some too, just in case.
This is my final presentation. I topped it with extra proscutto and parsley.
Our family's new name for this recipe is 
Campanelle de Marne
because Marne pinned it on Pinterest.

I had extra sauce that I will freeze. 
 This is what it looked like after dinner. My husband and kids loved it. My husband hates peas but ate them.
I thought it was delicious, too. My husband and I actually added a little cayenne pepper to spice it up a bit. 

I say, give it a try. You'll love it. it's creamy and delicious. You can make the sauce as light as you'd like. My husband especially like the Campanelle noodles. Let me know if you try it. Here is the link again:

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We have the same cooktop!

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I love it. It is a more feminine version of a commercial top.