Sunday, September 26, 2010

Birth of a Story

I haven't written in a while for life swoops you up and flings you into the chaos of managing everyday activities. School has started so I am busy getting back into routines with my kids. I have lunch duty once a week which I love because I can spend time in school with my kids and get to know their friends. I also become a face in the school. I also volunteered to do the 2nd grade Auction project for my kids. That was fun. For the second grade, it had to be related to their Holy Communion. So each child made a mini cross with mosaic tiles and each child wrote their names on little white tiles. We pieced them all together to make one big cross. . We mosaiced the rest of the cross. It looks beautiful. We hope to make some money for the school at the Auction.
So that has also kept me busy along with early mornings, lunches, sports, playdates, homework, dinners and more. I love it but not as much as my pillow at night.

As for my book, it is in the illustration project now. Denise is amazing. She is bringing my book to life. A few weeks ago, I had to approve all of the sketches of the entire book. She took my words and suggestions and brought my story to life. Her creative genius and talent in drawing has brought more to my book than I ever expected. Her characters are endearing and fun. She has created stories within the story using the characters. Her attention to detail is remarkable. I am in love. I look forward to meeting her someday. Her is an example of her drawings. They are rough sketches.

So, I have approved the entire book. Giddy with excitement. Now we wait while she paints the pictures. Well, before she paints them, I found out she has to transfer all of the sketches to the appropriate paper to paint on. I can't even imagine. What a process. She let my editor know that she has completed that part and is painting now. It's really not that hard to wait when you understand how much work she is putting into this process. I am so blessed to have found Denise. I hope she is enjoying the process as well. 

According the contract, she has until November 1st to complete the illustrations. From there, I think they go to proof and layout. Another approval and then it goes to print. Exciting time for me. I am nervous too. I don't know what it will bring. I am hoping everyone will LOVE it and want to hear more of them. 

I am starting a Flip Side Movement to get everyone to start looking at the Flip Side. Hopefully it will bring with it empathy for others, kindness and generosity and most of all bring hope that there is goodness in people in the world. 

I wil keep you updated when I hear about the progress. Thanks for following.

I've never seen bad drawing destroy a good idea. On the other hand, I've never seen a good drawing save a bad idea.
Paul Conrad 

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