Monday, May 7, 2012

Don't Flip Em' Off, Look At the Flip Side!

My husband is my biggest supporter of my books and looking a the Flip Side. We remind each other all the time to look at the flip side. It is such a powerful thing to stop and look at another perspective before judging someone or reacting to something undesirable. It happens every day. Here on my blog, I will share my experiences as I journey to the Flip Side. It is NOT easy to take the time to look at the flip side as it is human nature to be quick to judge, get upset or be impatient. But if we take a moment, a breath and step into someone else's shoes, you might find that you'll see things a different way. Empathy (identify with the feelings of others) will take the place of apathy (having no concerns towards) or antipathy (negative feelings towards). Empathy will begin to soothe anger. Empathy will begin to encourage the spirit of giving or helping someone in need. Empathy will begin to make waiting a little easier. Empathy allows us to feel for another person or thing.  It allows us to feel  sadness or hurt even if it isn't visible on the outside.  It allows us to reach out when someone is need of our help. It allows us to forgive when we are being hurt. It allows us to dig deeper when goodness is buried beneath insecurity and pain.

Again, I don't claim that this is an easy thing to do. I struggle with it daily but putting this thought first and foremost has helped me be more patient and less frustrated. Like I said, my husband and I remind each other all the time, "Hey, look at the flip side.". Quite frankly there are times that where I am upset and he says "Look at the Flipside." and I want to tell him to...well you know. But his words always make me pause. I will share these moments with you here and if you have any to share, I would love to hear them because the more I hear them, the more it makes me look at flip side and appreciate life and the people I love.

Here is a brief example of my husband, Paul reminding me to look at the Flip Side. We were driving down the freeway actually talking about Flip Side Stories when a speeding car cut us off startling me. I immediately without thinking start yelling at the other car (I'll let you imagine what I might be saying) when he interrupts me with, "Don't flip them off, just look at the flip side." I looked at him and smiled.

Maybe they were late for something very important or someone was sick. We don't know. Was it safe? Absolutely not. Is cutting someone off the right thing to do? Maybe not. But I don't need to waste energy getting upset over something that is out of my control. This may not be the best example of the flip side but it is a funny way of looking at it.

"Don't flip them off, look at the flip side."
 Funny really. My publisher thought it was funny but thought it wouldn't be a good tag line for a children's book series. I agreed. A picture of me with my middle finger up might not go over well. It's funny though.

So, when you find yourself getting hot under the collar or frustrated, try to look at the flip side. There is always another side to every story or situation. Have a great day!

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