Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness- Lion vs. Lamb

March has arrived. The old saying goes, "In like a Lion, out like a lamb. In like a lamb, out like a LIon." I am looking outside and trying to determine how I want to look at this. What is the time period for the "IN" when deciding how it has arrived? Is it the first day of March, the first week or the first half of the month? I am hoping it is the first half of the month because it is pretty calm and sunny. I don't want a wild end to March. Hmm. Then I am thinking, look at all that snow and it is still cold out there. It doesn't feel like spring so maybe that's still a lion? Probably not.

So as of today, I would say in like a lamb, so we will be going out with a roar. It's Michigan. Michigan has its own rules. Wait an hour, it will change. That is why I love Michigan. It also makes you appreciate the beautiful days. I love the first signs of spring too because Michiganders come alive. People are everywhere and happy to be in Michigan. (wait an hour, it will change, then we're grumpy) Michigan is quite unique in its season changes. We have 4 distinct seasons with so much to offer. I love Michigan.

For fun, I wrote a Flip Side Story about the Lion and Lamb. May I share? Pure Michigan

by amber j housey©2011

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