Monday, November 21, 2011

On Thanksgiving, we usually have an early lunch/dinner with my parents and then go to my husband's parents house in the evening. 
It was decided this year, that we would have everyone at our house. 16 people. Fortunately, my wonderful husband is very helpful during these events and we are happy to have it. Our door is always open. The more the merrier. So, instead of stressing out about all the work, I thought I'd add more...

I found a website today with the adorable crafts so I decide to make the kids feel special too.

The hat is made out of a flowerpot, paint, a ribbon and glitter glue. 

I put butcher block paper on the table. Yes I have GIANT roll of butcherblock paper. Why? Because I am a teacher at heart and there is a project in everything I save. My husband doesn't agree.  Phfft. He always likes what I make and when I spend less money, cherry on top.
So, I will leave crayons on the table for the kids to draw at dinner.

I drew the pilgrim and the turkey and wrote Happy Thanksgiving and Give Thanks on the table.
The turkey's sign says, "Eat Pork!" The paperbag turkey is filled with popcorn for a tgiving snack.
They cut it open and eat. How fun!

The adult table isn't as fun but pretty.

I bought flower pieces at Michaels (on sale) and placed them in the
napkin holder (also on sale there today).

Would you want to have dinner with us? 

Let the Festivities begin!

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