Monday, December 12, 2011

A, B, C, Diversity

Today I was honored with the privilege to judge  an arts Reflection contest for the school district I used to work for. They asked me to judge the literature portion of it. I was looking forward to it but also wondering if I was qualified enough to do it. 

When I got there, I realized the judging criteria was minimal and I felt confident that I was actually qualified to do this. Though, when faced with such minimal judging criteria, I was apprehensive that if I were too critical (with only 3 categories) I would dash someone's dreams of being a writer. That's what editors are for. Right?

The theme was Diversity means....  How appropriate for Flip Side Stories. I was excited to see what the children K-12 grade would write and they did not disappoint.

The kids were insightful and creative. A couple of them brought some real emotion in me. I was impressed by their thoughts. So much so that I asked if I could get their permission to post their writings on my website. I will be contacting them to share their works.

I have started another blog called "Kids on the Flip Side." I want it to be a venue where kids (and adults-appropriately) can share and inspire each other. I also want kids to share their art and writings related (even in the slightest way) to FLip Side. If your child draws or writes something inspiring to others, please share it. I will post it there. If there is a story that you want to share about sharing, caring, bullying, acts of kindness or anything related, please share them with me and I will post them for everyone to see.  Let it be a place for your kids to express themselves or for you to shamelessly promote their talents. You never know who will read it or who it will help.  Though I am not quite sure how to connect kids to it without your help.

Here is the link: Kids on the Flip Side

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