Thursday, December 22, 2011

On the 4th Day Before... I Got Real

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Ok, so I have been working on the RACK'd idea of spreading random acts of Christmas Kindness around. I didn't post one yesterday because...well, I didn't have one. At least I don't think I did.

I realized today that I am thinking too hard about this and working too hard at it. It's ok to be open to those perfect opportunities to be nice to someone or help someone. It's ok to proactively seek out or create opportunities to spread kindness. But it's also ok if it just doesn't present itself plainly or at all.

I was feeling guilty not having something to share, some inspiration. Hey, that's ok. That's real. Be real. I actually had a pretty crappy day yesterday (at least half the day). Not as crappy as some, I am sure but in my moment in time and space, it, quite frankly SUCKED!

Let's back up a moment to 2 days earlier...
Earlier in the week, a fight broke out, ok a brawl broke out between my daughter and son. I know, you pictured Norman Rockwell here in the Flip Side house. Sorry to burst your bubble.

I broke up the brawl only to have my daughter turn on her heel and tear after my son in a vengeance (much like Voldimort after Harry Potter). She attempted a Karate kid fence post kick which launched her slip on shoe hurdling into the air (yes, I am watching this in slow motion) straight into my, my, (my eyes grew like saucers and if I could have gotten on my knees fast enough to pray...) into my onyx pendant light over my granite counter top.

Literally, as if in slow motion, in unison, I, with my head in my hands and the pendant fell toward earth in silence. I knew what was next. Then the shattering sound of rock hitting rock penetrated the air as muffled shrieks from within my hands followed and then silence.

Exhibit A in front and
Exhibit B in the back
I didn't want to look. My heart broken. I know they are just lights. Just 200 dollar lights that I searched high and low for... I know.

"Sorry mommy?" A questionable sorry as if she knew the padded wagon was coming for her mother and it was all her fault.

Skip forward to yesterday (two days later)...

Long and short of it. My son, a big ball, the knowledge that blasting it around the house was unacceptable and the one big, ceiling high bounce that once again happened in slow motion so I could witness it all (but not slow enough to get on my knees and pray). I watched this giant green ball ricochet off my..."NO!"... my, "Please God,  NOOO!"  ( I know, not worth the prayer), my other Onyx pendant light.

Rock hitting rock (now a familiar sound). Afraid to look.

I nearly fainted in disbelief. My son nearly did too, like those fainting goats to avoid ensuing danger.

Those lights have been up since 2008 and in one week, two of them kissed granite. I admit it. I cried. Shallow. Material. "How can this happen to me" cry. Then, I came to my senses and realized that it's no big deal really. There are worse things that can happen.

Something good came of it. All three of my kids helped me clean the entire house as a consequence. I mean really clean (to avoid the wrath of mom). This week my husband's word for them was "Accountable". I held them accountable for their actions. Their actions of anger toward each other and disrespect toward rules and others hurt innocent people around them. Ohh, and those poor Onyx pendants. Sniff.

They had to do some work and my son was grounded from his friend coming over (even though his friend was on his way over-embarrassing for both of us). I am usually a softy. But not when I can get my house clean. We all actually enjoyed working together. My oldest actually said he liked it. Amen.

Accountable: be responsible for actions or decisions;

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