Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flip Side Snowflake

Flip Side Snowflake


Six 8x11 pieces of white paper
A pen
Tape or glue 
glitter or glitter glue (optional)

When you watch the video, I think I made a mistake. 
You cut on the "one fold" side not the double folded side. Sorry!


Aunt Missy said...

Love your snowflakes and SUPER LOVE Your Assistant Elizabeth!!! Super love Ben, Matty (and the doggies too!!)

charlienitric said...

Hi Amber -

Whoaaa very cool #High5. Flip Side Snow Flakes. They're much larger once you're finished. I think they would like great dangling 5-6 of them from the ceiling where your family has the Christmas tree set up. As always, nicely done Amber :).

Amber Housey said...

Thanks Missy and Charlie. I appreciate the virtual applause. I dedicate it to you Charlie (brian). What will my next one be? hmmm Christmas polka?