Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rue'd Awakening- Hungry? Bite on this!

 I am reading the Hunger Games right now. I am really enjoying it. I reminisce about an article I read about Hunger Games and the racial stir it caused which made me very sad. To think there are people in the world who still make it difficult for everyone else to live in a world of acceptance and tolerance of race, religion and uniquenesses. 

Honestly. The sad truth is that it is that bigots are born of bigots. It is the passing down of ignorance. They aren't born with those views. Sadly, those views will be passed down again and again. Fortunately, even though we hear such racial bigotry today, it is better now than it has ever been. President Obama was elected (twice) because our country is open to a president who can do the job not a race. You can like him or not, but it isn't about the color of someone's skin, it's about people believing he is right for the job. Maybe we'll have a woman president some day. That is a good sign that our country (and world) is trying to see things from the "Flip Side". I don't see racism ever going away from all races, religions and cultures but it's changing and evolving. 
Racism will continue to be passed down (within all races, cultures and religions) but maybe it will become so diluted that they (the bigots) alone will be the minority. Hating them isn't necessarily the answer. Fighting against the influence is. Making it unacceptable is. People are who they are and it's important to surround yourself with people who make you a better person. Stand up for humanity and human race as a whole. We are a melting pot of beautiful people. A world where seeing another point of view can make a better you!

This is the article that has triggered such a stir. Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed http://jezebel.com/5896408/racist-hunger-games-fans-dont-care-how-much-money-the-movie-made

What do M & Ms and people have in common?

We are all different on the outside but the same on the inside.