Friday, June 1, 2012

A Little Sugar in Your Omelette

The Sweet Life

My son, Ben, has been talking a lot about exercising and eating healthy. Maybe its a 9 year old thing. He is watching different types of athletes, their body types and asks a lot of questions. Mind you, this is surprising because none of our children, including Ben, has ever taking a strong liking to sports. We have them play to learn the sports, to learn about teamwork and commitment and healthy habits. Though, as he gets older, he has started liking it more and more. He is artist. He gets it from me. I am afraid of any round object flying at my face. Maybe I got that from the Brady Bunch, "My Nose!".

This morning, he was asking his dad about healthy foods and such. His dad was making him an omelette and asked him what he would like in it. He would ask about each choice whether it was healthy. His dad had said that sausage is healthy in small amounts. Ben chose not to have it in his omelette. His dad slipped one little bite into the omelette to be funny.

Here's the discovery:

Ben: Did you put sausage in the omelette?
Dad: Yes. (with a sneaky grin)
Ben: Well, everyone needs a little sugar in life.

From the mouth of babes. How cute is that? He cracks me up. He says the darnedest things.

Make sure you put a little sugar in your life!

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