Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thinking about Going Live

 I would like to say ahead of time that I may make grammatical errors and/or punctuation errors as well because I am just writing while I am thinking. When I had my students writing in their journals, I would tell them not to worry about their spelling, their neatness and their punctuation as long as they, the writer, could read it. I wanted them to freely put their thoughts on paper without worrying about the technical part of it. So, if I make mistakes, forgive me. I am very busy with my life but I want to share with you. So, many times, I don't have time to edit my "journal" blog. I won't hold it against you, if you don't hold it against me.

I think today is the day that I will go live. I ran this by my dear friend to see what she thought and she liked it. Molly is still pushing me to go live.

So, when I do, read with care.
Add your comments but please be fair.
I'm learning how to share my words.
It makes me nervous, thats for sure.
Please don't judge or take things wrong.
My intentions are where they belong.
I wear my heart on my sleeve
In hopes to inspire before you leave.
I want to hear whats on your mind.
I am anxious for what I'll find.
I'll learn from you just the same.
And don't forget to add your name.

Sometimes I feel more comfortable sharing in prose. I suppose i hide in it. Chicken. I also feel more creative that way. In college, if i had to write a paper for a class, if it was appropriate, I would write it in prose. It made it less boring to write and I would guess, less boring to read. I never got a bad grade. Let me share one with you. The paper I put on here is from a theater class where we had to do mock auditions with groups of people. Really, not my bag. It was fun but I was nervous. At the end, we had to write a paper about it. Booooring. I always say, creative people are never bored. Sooo, I took a chance that I wouldn't offend the professor and I wrote it in prose.

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