Saturday, January 22, 2011

Flip Side has a Face

Well my friends, I finally decided to give Flip Side Stories a face. I launched on facebook, shared with everyone, took a deep breath and hoped it would take off. In a day and half, Flip Side Stories has 81 fans. Thank you for your support. I hope everyone begins to really understand what my goal is as I start sharing and feel a need to share it with everyone they know. Anyone who is involved with children will see the importance and value it has. Your children will learn about empathy for others and respecting different points of view. While I am teaching children through my books, the adults who are reading them will be inspired by the messages they are reading about.
Even though I have a passion for "looking at the Flip Side", I still struggle with it. I want to share those experiences an I hope you will too.

Please take time to read my past posts which take you through the publishing process.

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