Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Honor of Jack

Today, I learned something very sad. The homeless man that caught my attention for a couple of years passed away. I learned that he actually lived right by my house. I had been hoping to run into him by the shopping mall so I could offer to buy him some warmer clothes. Last winter I was very upset to see him without socks. My husband did not want me to approach him especially with the kids in the car. This was so hard for me but I understood his concern. I was hoping to run into him with people around. It never happened. Even today, I went to Target and kept my eyes open for him. When I got home, I got the news via Facebook post of an article about him. I was very upset. Jack Mason was the person who inspired me the day I met Victor the homeless man at the Library that I wrote a Flip Side Story about. I bought Victor some food that day thinking, if I can't help the other man, I can help Victor. I felt comfort in that but continued looking for Jack.  In the article, its seems many people have helped him over the years but many times he gave away the donations to his fellow homeless. Here is his article:
Homeless Bloomfield Hill Man

I would also like to share my story Victor with you in honor of Jack. Mind you, it has not been edited professionally.



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