Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Needed: Tweecher

So, I finally decided to give twitter a try. I am very tech savvy, but I am struggling with this. For me, it is like choosing the type of calendar you like to use. I like to see the whole month and squish every event and activity into each small box (like a little gift) and I actually celebrate the empty boxes (like the anticipated gift on your birthday), then I anguish over how I am going to get through the other days (like the oblivious gifts Aunt Gladys gives every year.@Who's Your Gladys?).

Other people are quite capable of using the single day list calendars (I am not a list person, my husband is and wants me to be, I should be, but am not) and more impressive, they can use those calendars on their hand held PDAs the size of the prize found in a cracker jack box (prizes aren't what they used to be). So, anyway, I find twitter list-like and I am not sure how information is being transferred, who is reading it, what all the symbols and choppy statements mean and what "tweetiquette" is, if there is any. I've got facebook down pat and now I wanted to use twitter to further network and connect. I thought...I mean, I know I have addiction to FB. Now i am finding myself being sucked into twitter. It's a social networking addiction. I can stop if I wanted to... I think.
I am open to any advice or tips on how to efficiently and effectively use twitter to share the flip side and grow my fan base.
Imaflipsider @twitter

"People wanna go online and check out their friends, so why not build a website that offers that. I'm talking about taking the entire social experience of college and putting it online."

Mark Zuckerberg

People wanna find out what friends, family and perfect strangers are up to and what they have to offer, so why not build a room with four walls where people can talk face to face, shake hands, give hugs and take out their ipods and ipads and share apps. Best of both worlds.  -Me

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