Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finders Keepers?

I am going to try to make a point of sharing Flip Side stories with you. I see them every day and they always make me say, "Ahhh, look at the flip side." This morning while watching the news, a man had lost his camera at a baseball game. His wife was obviously not happy about the loss either. The woman who had found it a month ago at the game, searched high and low for the owner. She found him and took the camera to him. She said that she just wanted to do something nice. The man was thrilled to get the camera back and said he was happy that there are still good people out there and that a lot of people might change the memory card and keep the camera for their own. Not only did he get his expensive camera back and  got the pictures and memories left on it but also a little hope in the good in people.  "Ah, Flip Side." That is what one of my stories is about. It is called That's What Its All About (at least for now). It is about a little boy who finds a toy at a restaurant and wants to keep it. His mother explains to him that he can't keep something that isn't his. The flip side of the story is the little child racing back into the restaurant looking for his toy and how upset he is about losing it. In the end, they meet.  My hope is children and adults might stop and think about how the other person might be feeling about the loss before claiming it their own just as the woman on the news did. She ended up feeling better about finding the owner than having the guilt of keeping something that didn't belong to her. Cheers to her.
Excerpt from "That's What It's All About."

Side 1 (child who finds the toy):

(Reluctantly) I gave it up
In hopes it would be mine.
We ate our lunch and rode the slide
And now it was time.

As we left, I turned my head
To see a little boy.
Smiling big and hugging tight 
That wonderful little toy.

Side 2 (child who lost the toy):

(Reluctantly) I went right up,
I had a little fear.
When I asked, the lady said,
"I have it over here."

When she handed it to me,
My wonderful little toy,
I smiled big, I hugged it tight
And saw the other boy.

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