Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Forgive on the Flip Side

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My friend and someone who I have learned a lot from, Shawne Duperon, is starting a new project called Project Forgive. It is a really neat project. It is on Facebook, on Twitter!/Project_Forgive and there is an official website: .

Check it out. YOu will find it inspirational and really blends well with my Flip Side mission. Today I went out of my comfort zone to create a little video blog about Forgiveness. Spoke on the fly. Take a look.
(dedicated to my biggest video fan, CharlieNitric :)

Have you forgiven someone? 


Charlie Nitric said...

Hi Amber -

I think it's very sad when people cannot get outside of their selves to forgive another person. It's not like you, me, or anyone else in this world is perfect. We're far from it. I in fact, am the most imperfect person you'll ever know.

We all need to be forgiven for our shortcomings and errors. We make mistakes! I pray often and pray for those that really irritate me, lol. It sounds funny but I do.

Great video post, Diva Amber. Happy Tuesday evening from Chicago :).

Amber Housey said...

Thanks Charlie! I didn't see this before. I appreciate your input!