Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Saw My Blinker...

It's nice day. The sun is shining. Music is playing. I am on time for my destination.  Traffic is moving smoothly. Then some, we'll just say, impolite driver cuts me off. No biinker. No wave. Just zeeked right in front of me. No, it wasn't a close call accident but rude rode manners. Grrrr.

Another day, I'm running late. I'm a little crabby. My son left his backpack in the car at drop-off.  I'm looping around to take it back to school when a driver in front of me stops to make a left turn with no blinker to alert me to go around but instead backs up traffic. Again, rude rode manner. Hooonnk!

Another occasion, I was driving with my husband to lunch. As he is changing lanes, he says, "Darn it, my blinker is out and people behind me think I'm not using my blinker."  Then he says, "Hey, there's a flip side for you."

Seriously? He's right. We are so quick to judge why people do certain things that we don't consider that there may be a very good reason. My husband said he wouldn't even have known that his blinker was out if his car didn't tell him (another nice feature that my caveman van doesn't have).

So how many people who appear to not use their blinker actually don't even know it is not functioning?Hmmm.  And then, how many of them,  like my husband, have to wait for the part to come in to fix it and still have to drive around without a blinker, ticking people off. Hmmm. Something to think about.

So, when you are driving, contemplate this:

Don't flip them off.....look at the flipside.


Mommy LaDy Club said...

I loved this! You are so right that it could be some simple explanation. The only thing that keeps me mad though, is when they kick up a rock at my windshield!

Amber Housey said...

Yeah, is there a flip side to the rock in the windshield? Maybe someone rearending you? Then you have to wait for police and take your car in and it ultimately costs you even if it wasn't your fault. There is no flip side...flip em' off? haha. kidding.