Friday, March 9, 2012

Join the Battle & Win!

You didn't know that you could find a romantic retreat on a Mom blog, did
Welcome to Battle of The Leading
Your Romantic Getaway...
Would you like to play?
Round 2 is
This Time with a Double

First, meet our one and only Hosts, Clint Eastwood & Timothy Olyphant of
  Why are these two so special you ask?  They have been designated
and shall never battle!

battle of the leading men on mommy lady club

Thank you Gentlemen for guiding us through Round 1.  We
trust we are still in good hands.

Here’s how to play and win Amber Housey's new book, Just Because, and
a Free Club-Content
Regular Membership:

1: You must visit Amber's On
The Flip Side
blog and leave her a comment. 

2: Please vote in the Battle below by
commenting the name of your Battle champion. 
3: Link up by Sunday at midnight to be drawn to win!

is a team of bloggers working together for better blog performance.  You'll
get writing tips and topics, chances to enter writing contests for cash prizes,
and anonymously test your blog posts free for reader approval and feedback.
 The best part is that everything you do on Club-Content goes right to your
own blog.  You're not spending time on rafflecopters for something you'll
most likely not win.  Your efforts for a 1in 5 or 1 in 10 chance of cash
are posting material you'll need for your blog anyway.  It's a win-win!

The Battle voting
will remain open through the week, even if you missed linking up for the
giveaway.  Get all of the details of our Battles at your Romantic Getaway
 central, where
you can view all past winners and losers from Round 1 and 2.

These lovely
contenders were some of our top competitors last Round.  It is going to be
tough, but you will have to choose whom you want to see again.

Now...Battle On!

 Mathew McConaughey, Battle Cry: Dolce &

Jake Gyllenhaal, Battle Cry: Man vs.


Ashleigh said...

Thanks for including the book in this giveaway! Hope I win! :)

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Just checking in! Thanks for including your awesome book Amber!

Mommy LaDy Club said...

I forgot to say Mathew is my vote!;) Which one is yours?

Amber Housey said...

Matthew for sure. Hard to believe his neighbors were disgruntled by him running through their neighborhood without a shirt on. Really? Our neighborhood is open to it.

Mommy LaDy Club said...

Now wouldn't that be a treat to look out your window and see a shirtless Mathew running by!;)

Amber, if you have a post you like, enter it in our new Test a Post Feature at Club-Content. It will be fun! I wrote a piece about it here for an explanation...

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Matthew. Man, he is just adorable, sexy, and yummy!!!