Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Because

is NOW AVAILABLE! Get your copy now.
This book will teach your child the value of giving to those in need and how that action effects those they are helping. This book (and all Flip Side Stories) teach children how to see another point of view which inspires empathy and compassion for others; something our world is in desperate need of now.

We are so bombarded by bad news, tragedies, crime and violence. Our first reaction is to shut it out because it's hard to imagine there is anything we can do about it. The problem is that it is easy to become apathetic to the world around us causing us to not take action even in the littlest way. It is a way to protect ourselves and our emotions.

My books give parents and teachers a tool to teach children how to see new perspectives and to learn to walk in someone else's shoes. This encourages children to be nice to one another (a tool against bullying). From there, it can inspire the child and those reading to them, to take action no matter how big or small. As small as, "being nice" to as big as starting a charity and so much more in between.

It is important to me to have this book become successful so that the other Flip Side Stories can be published for the children of the world.

Watch this video to be inspired by the Flip Side.

If you like the video, please share it with everyone. Tell them how important it is to pass it on, pay it forward. Our children are our future. Help me mold a brighter future of action takers. Make it viral.
Do it Just Because!

Seeing the flip side, seeing another point of view, walking in someone else's shoes is the basis to being able to work well with others, collaborate and be a productive citizen.

I hope you will buy this book for your child and the children in your life because seeing another point of view makes a better you!


Ashleigh said...

What a great kids book! It's so easy to spoil them, and when we do, sometimes they miss the difference between wants and needs!

Amber Housey said...

Thanks Ashleigh! Good Luck!

Ang said...

That's a very hard concept for children to grasp, so I'm sure the book will be a real help to parents!