Saturday, June 25, 2011

Publishing Process#2

#2  Publishing Process
This is a re-post from a post done on 1/28/10. I am reposting to share the publishing process as I come closer to the completion and release of my upcoming book. It has been a long road but I am sure it will be worthwhile. Sharing with everyone already has been a great experience. 

So on Monday the 25th, I was full of excitement and I was anxious for what was to come. We had our next meeting with Marian to talk about the contract. I wasn’t nervous to talk to her. I was nervous about what comes next. At this meeting, she presented the contract and we talked about some details about the process. I needed to know if she was on board with Flip Side Stories. See I feel strongly that this is a great series to teach a number of things. First, Flip Side encourages readers to look at two sides to a story or situation. This can create a proactive approach to our reactions to things before they happen or as they are happening. My husband and I were driving to the meeting and a car cut us off. Our first reaction was to get mad, maybe even “Flip” them off. Hmm. We laughed and my husband said, “We shouldn’t flip them off. Just look at the flip side.” Maybe they were speeding to the hospital. Who knows? See what it has already done to us. 
In looking at the flip side and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can create empathy for that person or thing. Empathy is the act of understanding and entering into another's feelings. Sympathy is different. It is sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish) and generally wanting to do something to help.  Empathy is actually a deeper sense of emotion.   An actor can sometimes play an empathetic role where they genuinely feel the part they are playing. Many actors will research their role in order to achieve this. Another example is a Doctor. A doctor can feel sympathy and understand a patient’s illness and help them, but they may not actually feel their distress or pain. Someone who is empathetic has had that experience and truly feels for that person such as a cancer support group understanding what it is like to go through radiation. 
In my story, Victor, most of us have not been homeless, so we can not actually feel what it is like to live on the street but we have been lonely, hungry and dirty. Those experiences cause us to feel their pain. These feelings make us want to help but more so to be kinder and more patient.  
Aside from Flip Side and empathy are other lessons like how to treat an animal, understanding the homeless, what it’s like to lose something and the difference you can make by giving.  My books have layers of teaching for young and old alike.  Well, fortunately, Marian is on board. I don’t think she knows all that I am thinking but she will, I suppose. This is along her lines anyway. I think it will be a team effort. I count on her to know what will work and what won’t. My books will have Flip Side Stories/Series on them from the start. 
After all the numbers were laid out, my "agent" husband, wanted to go home and discuss it. NOT ME! I wanted to sign right then and there. Needless to say, off we went home. Still in limbo. So we’ve been discussing things and I think we are about ready to sign.  Today or tomorrow, I think we will be sending her the contract. NOW, I say. ugh. Again waiting patiently impatiently. 
“You cannot put the same shoe on every foot. 

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