Thursday, June 23, 2011

KTPC (keep the parents clueless)

Hey Cindy, you are a "big tickle". I had a "blast" at the "bash". Though Charlie made me "go ape" when he pushed me into the "drink". Then he asked me to a "flick". "Unreal". 

That party was a "gas"! That pool was "bad". I'd be "bummed out" too if I got thrown in. Charlie is such a "greaser". His friend was "groovy". On the way home, I saw a "padiddle" and I gave him a kiss. He saw a "slug bug" and punched me. "Groovy". Then a "pig" pulled us over. He was "solid" though. He let us "boogie."

Hey "Bean!" Found out Charlie is the "real deal". I'll still need the "skinny" on him. "Dig"? "Do me a solid" and give the "dude" a chance. I'll also "clue you in" about the next party. "Be there or be square"! You know the party at the beach?  "Ice it".  Bob "bagged" me. That "cat" can just "D.D.T". He still wants to "hang". IYD (in your dreams). "Peace Out"! Nanoo nanoo

Excellent "Betty"! "Like" I did hear Charlie was "legit". That "dude" had "like" a "radical" jacket. It was the "bomb".  His "homeboy", well, "like" "gag me". A bit of an "airhead" too. That "dude's" "ride" was "like" "narly", too. I'd "chill" with him "for sure". "Like" he told me I was "fly". How "stupid" is that? "Totally" "tubular"! Let's "veg" later. 

"Sup" girl. Yeah, his friend is a "dog". He has a "chica" who thinks she "all that". She is so "ghetto". He's "hooked" her up with some "sweet" "ice" though. It's "hella" nice "bling". I think he's a "playa". He thinks he's "the bomb". "OMG", he's whacked". He asked me out. I told him "not so much".  He thought that was "tight". "As if." "it's all good." "Peace out!"

Hey "GF"! WUU2?  IMO, her outfit was so "janky". Lol. She'd "prolly"  "go postal" on you if she knew. WTH. She's got "back". So "J-Lo". LMAO. Did you find out about the party at Jen's "crib"? Last one was "Uber" fun.  "KTPC". "BTW", 10x 4 the "pics". "MOS". She has "NAC". "OMG" "PIR". "SEC". "TTYL" "CYA". 

So there you go. How do we keep up? We all thought we'd stay cool and hip. Keep up with the times. I think that part of our brain changes. The shows we watched that our parents hated are the same shows our kids are watching now that we are beginning (or already) can't stand. 

I decided to write this because I was with a middle school girl who was texting her mom (and much faster than her mom I must say) and when she got her mom's text, she looked at it quizzically. I asked her what it said. I am good friends with her mom. Her mom had ended the text with LOL. Which we all know is Laugh Out Loud. Or is it?  I told her to text her back and ask her what it meant. She said "Love You Lots."  Funny. I suppose it depends who is texting and maybe, how old? We both laughed. I thought, what if I texted her one day saying, " I fell in the mud, LOL."  She would swell with the thought that I was sending her so much love when actually I was just laughing out loud. 

It is really a dual language. We all see what we want to see. Be careful though, it may be something totally different than you think. It may be wise to check up on some of the words or symbols being used. Even better, keep track of your child's computer time and make sure they know that you are a POMS (parent over my shoulder) or PITR (parent in the room). 

It is our job to guide them and teach them what is appropriate and acceptable especially with cyber-bullying on the rise. There is "i am just joking" when it comes to saying mean things. I tell my kids that Housey's DON"T talk that way, even joking. Even if you are joking, the receiver of it may not take it that way. I teach my kids to be role models of kindness, hard work and acceptance.

I put all of the slang words in quotes so you knew which ones they were. Some have traveled over the generations. Some kids may think they started them but they may have come from good ol' Richie Cunningham. 

GF- girlfriend
WUU2- what you up to
IMO- in my opinion
Janky- Unpleasant
LOL- laugh out loud 
prolly- probably
WTH- what the heck/hell
back- big butt
J-LO- big butt
LMAO-laughing my a#@ off
Uber- ultimate
KTPC-keep the parents clueless
BTW-by the way
10x-thanks (tenx)
MOS-mom over shoulder
NAC-not a clue
OMG- oh my gosh
PIR-parents in room
sec- hold a second
TTYL-talk to you later
CYA- see ya


Simon Harvey said...

Love this, very interesting, do you think this is multi-cultural, as in USA and Europe, Interesting thought. How is it for kids entering the txtng world, is there pressure put on them to know these already, are there some with NAC and feel pressure from NVNP (not a very nice person) and become the point of others LMAO jokes? What is the average age of kids using this level of language and txtng ?

Amber Housey said...

Thanks for your insight. Good questions about the subject. I believe the teenagers are the main users of the texting lingo or acronyms. I found that it is used all over the world and the abbreviations/acronyms change to match the language spoken. See below.

French Meaning /English
12C4 un de ces quatre /one of these days
2 ri 1 de rien /you're welcome
6né Ciné /Movie theater

And then there is also a whole different abbreviated language for gamers.
Here is a link with more information about texting and internet SMS usage.
Below is another link about texting.

Just offering a little more info. I appreciate your comment. Thanks.