Monday, June 6, 2011

Read to Write

Sketches I do for my kids.
Everyone always asks how I started to write children's books. Though my career as an author is just beginning, I have many stories written already. Many of them are Flip Side Side Stories but there are a few random stories. They have all emerged from a chrysalis of experiences.

One of the most inspirational aspects of my interest in writing children's has come from a love of reading children's books. I have well over 500 books in my house. I collected them before, during and now after teaching. My husband appreciates all of the books we have because they have inspired our own children to love to read but it baffles him when the book order comes home and I continue to buy more. I am very selective. I am always attracted to the cover first. I won't pick it up unless the cover attracts me. I love art and I draw and i know what appeals to me and even more important, I KNOW what children like. I also know what I like to read to children. It has to flow.  One of my favorites is Hubert, the Caterpillar who thought he was a mustache. So clever and cute. Tickles the funny bone. I love all kinds of stories.

I learned what my style was by reading. I learned what kids like by reading to them. I learned what parents and teachers like to read to kids by asking what they like. After reading so many, I realized where the needs were for new ideas. Most of all my writing comes from a passion to teach children and reach children in a fun way where they don't realize they are learning.

I am going to start adding some books on my blog that I want to share with you. I would like to also introduce you to some authors I know and some I have recently met and some I hope to meet.  Along the left side of my blog are links to some of those authors and their books. I hope you'll take a peek. If you would like to have your book on my blog, please follow my blog, let me know and I will share it.

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welcome to our wonderland said...

sounds great I love childrens' Lit blogs :) can't wait to see what books you love.

I'm the same way I have so many books I bought from the time I was like 18 till now, plus books I review for publishing companies.

My theory: you can never have to many children's books :)