Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's Your Noise?

'scuse the PDA. This is from Brooklyn
the same year the towers came down. Brooklyn
bridge in the background.

A friend told us a story today about a trip he took to New York recently. His friend lives in Brooklyn. He described it as a cement jungle. My brother-in-law used to live there and we've visited NYC many times. Yes, lots of cement, lots of character, lots of characters, hoooot in the summer, cooold in the winter, noisy,  great restaurants and all kinds of sounds, sights, and, ooo, the smells (good and baaaddd). I wouldn't want to live in NY but I love its diversity and excitement.

He continued...he was working out in a gym listening to a couple of people chatting. The woman asked the man if he enjoyed his vacation in Vermont.   He exclaimed that it was too hot and humid and it was too noisy... he couldn't sleep because the crickets were too loud! He told her he was happy to be home in Brooklyn.

How funny is that? To each is own. What we think is noise is music to some. What we think is nature's orchestra is worse than car horns, ambulances and screaming and yelling. What is garbage to some, is a treasure to others (I love garage sales-shhh). There are things we might never eat, yet it is a delicacy to some. To learn about those things, hear those things, take the time to appreciate what others like and dislike can only make us grow and be more accepting. I am still not eating bugs or eyeballs or privacy parts from  

That story made me giggle. It made me see another side today.  What's your noise and your music?

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