Saturday, July 2, 2011

Project Manager

#4 Publishing Process
This is a re-post from a post done on 2/4/10. I am reposting to share the publishing process as I come closer to the completion and release of my upcoming book. It has been a long road but I am sure it will be worthwhile. Sharing with everyone already has been a great experience. 

I was waiting for my project manager/editor to call me to set up our first appointment. She called yesterday. We had a brief conversation. My home phone is dying and cuts out so I couldn’t hear her very well and my two boys decided to start a tag game through the house at high volume.  They managed to follow me around.  I also had to pick up my daughter in fifteen minutes. ugh. I was distracted and couldn’t hear everything. 
Her name is Kris and she seems really nice (and understanding). As a matter of fact, she had a child or two at her end trying to get her attention. Never fails. I spent half of my conversation waving my kids away with a dirty look. Of course, they just looked at me like it was a charades. When that didn’t work, I held the door shut.  I can’t do two things at one time so as I was holding the door, I was trying to hold on to every word Kris was saying. Darn it. I probably sounded distracted and unengaged. I did manage to make an appointment for next Wednesday (I think...of which week or month? Jeez). Can’t wait. I hope this moves along smoothly.  
I have announced my news to friends and family. I have also announced it on Facebook. My friends, old and new, silver and gold, are showing support in drouths. Makes me feel good that everyone is excited for me.  They are all excited for me, but I am more excited to share my stories with everyone. I hope they like my first story. 
This has been a great week. I can’t wait to sit down with Kris. 

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