Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who's Shoes are These?

Walking in Someone Else's Shoes

Click the picture to see who it is!

Every shoe has tongue,
They all have a sole.
Every shoe has a heart
And a story to be told.
No matter what they look like
Whether old or new,
They are all quite different
Every single shoe.
Take the time to learn
What they have to say.
A whole different person.
Will be revealed today.
She's a beauty who wears this shoe.
She graces the big screen .
We didn't know she had these fears.
Struggling since a teen.

She was so withdrawn as a child that her parents had her tested for autism and other psychiatric disorders; the tests did not find anything. Growing up, her worst fear was reading aloud in class, to the point that teachers believed she was having a nervous breakdown. When she took the podium to accept her Oscar in 1997, she couldn't find the words to speak, even though she had practiced for days.  She has spoken publicly about her struggles with panic disorder, agoraphobia and social anxiety, appearing in the HBO film, "Panic: A film about coping".  She received psychological therapy for her anxiety but still remains shy and susceptible to panic and agoraphobia.

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charlie nitric said...

Hi Amber -

I Googled Oscar winners in 1997. Are you speaking about Helen Hunt or Kim Basinger, perhaps? I'll guess Kim. And the answer is....?

You have an interesting concept for a blog. "Walking in someone elses' shoes" allow us to see matters from a different perspective with greater understanding, appreciation, and compassion for others. Wonderful idea, Amber. Enjoy your Saturday and God Bless. :)

Amber Housey said...

Thanks Charlie for the comment. Yes, it is Kim Basinger. If you click the shoes, you'll see who it is. Thanks for taking the time to read.