Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fight for our Little Girls

In 2009, my friend and I made the commitment to walk 60 miles in three days in a race for the cure for cancer. My friend is a survivor of breast cancer and my hero. If she did it, I could do it. So we trained for over 500 miles through rain, sleet, snow, heat and weekend fun to prepare as the Lovely Bunch of Coconuts for the race for a lifetime. It was the ultimate experience that I wouldn't trade for anything. It built a strong relationship between us and a greater awareness of the fighters and those who lost the fight and the loved ones left behind. As sad as it sounds, it is the most invigorating, challenging, emotional, exciting, inspiring experience I have ever had.

I could have done without the tents which are hot in the day, cold and wet in the night and very small. Oh, and the tenters around you that didn't read the rules or etiquette for tenting and awoke in the wee hours of morning answering LOUD phone calls. Really? Is your tent made of wood or leaking water like mine. WE CAN HEAR YOU!

And some girls next to us who thought other things were going on in our tent as our fans vibrated through the night. Yikes. FANS! Only fans, really.

I can't forget the snorers and those who had too many beans for dinner. All of which makes you laugh and giggle. We wore earplugs by suggestion of the veterans.

The food... so good. Though I am not a picky eater. I just love to eat anything and everything. Every two miles there was food and drink like a convenience store. For the first couple of stops, we loaded up our fanny packs (cool fanny packs-I think) thinking this was the last of the food for....two miles.  Yay! MORE food! You don't lose weight on the walk. You gain weight. You might lose your feet in the end, though.

I could go on and on but the video will give you a longer than you probably want, glimpse into the event. This is the shorter version, too. You'll see each day, each tent, all the food, the friends we had, the friends we made, our families and the finale.

I post this in honor of the Michigan 3 Day Breast Cancer walk going on this weekend. Walk on Girls (and boys-there are some).  I honor the ladies I walked with who fought the fight and won and for my friends who didn't win but fought like a champs. I especially honor a friend, Katy, who we walked with and fought the fight and won and is being challenged again with another bout of breast cancer. Kick it's a@# Katy and we will do the walk again!

For the survivors, for the fighters, for those we've lost,  for our children and for a future without breast cancer. For our little girls.

Is there a Flip Side? Yes, not helping in the fight to cure a horrible disease that afflicts way to many of the people we love. God Bless.

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