Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We run, not away
from   and   not to
anywhere special. We
share the surrounding
space  with  our every
tread,  our  every stride.
Our  rhythmic  breath
enters  our  being  cool
and  escapes  in a puff
of warmth.   Our soles 
pull the earth,  the 
resistance  grows
stronger yet our
spirit becomes
satisfied. Our
goal is mutual,
to accomplish,
to feel free. 

 I wrote this poem when a friend and I started running together. I had never been able to run and I'd even had dreams about not being able to run from someone. It was something that bothered me. I came across an article about how to start running. It was one of those run a minute, walk a minute and continue to increase every week. I thought I would do exactly what it said and see if it worked and it did. What an accomplishment. As a bonus, one of my best friends was my running buddy and we had a blast doing it. 


Clayton Thomas said...

Visiting from MBC. Love the poem. Running with others makes the experience much better!


Amber Housey said...

Thanks Clayton. It's better with a friend so you can motivate each other.

mom2kiddos said...

Great poem! Did you arrange it so that it looks like the sole of a foot? If you did, it's very creative!!

Amber Housey said...

Yes I did make it look like a footprint. Thanks! Appropriate for walking (or running) in someone else's shoes.