Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Kids are Back in School

First Day of School with Mom! My babies.

My kids started school this week. It becomes a bit of a panicky time for me. I get a little crabby (rowwl), a little weepy (sniff) and a little excited (squeal).

Notice it says "flip". :)
It is my job to teach my kids responsibility and accountability. I took them school shopping to help pick out their school supplies.

Oh, the fun for them as they toss supplies into the basket like they've won a free shopping spree. I hear "Can I have this? Can I have that? I NEED this. So and so has that."

I am bombarded by lists and office supplies and art supplies and voices (some high pitched whines. Because that works? I think not) and background noise of the store. Great for my ADD. i want to run to the clothes section for ME and get swallowed up by the racks and disappear. I hold strong and stay calm.

The weekend before school starts, we drag out all of the supplies and begin to sort them. Again, it is easier to do it myself but the teacher in me says there is a lesson in here somewhere. Another voice says insanity is sure to follow.

School supplies are strewned wall to wall and now mixed up because I have misplaced their lists. Note to self, don't start project without all ingredients laid out. Disaster is imminent.

Now they are old enough to pack lunches. Teaching moment, right? But it's easier if I do it myself but we must teach independence. The mess comes first then hopefully the ability to care for themselves comes later (sooner than later).

Backpacks are packed, endless notes and information cards are signed and checks (all their college money) are made out to someone named Holy Name. Breathe.

Kids are off to bed while it is still light, dragging their feet trying to make summer last but one minute more. That would be that minute that I mentioned in previous posts that I don't love about being a mom.

One of our favorite books.
Get to bed! Get to bed! Get to bed!  GET TO BED! Before they put me in a straight jacket or your father hears that one more time and makes it his mission save mom from being taken away leaving him to be the sole caregiver.

I try to stay calm and loving so they will have a perfect first day of school.  Perfect is relative. Our perfect includes a little bit of a crazy mom. They scramble when it appears the paddy wagon is coming for me.

Then I spend the rest of the evening getting a special breakfast ready, tying up loose ends and laying out clothes to make the morning routine go smoothly (I know, the clothes,  another teaching moment- tomorrow). I am always hopeful I can make this a common routine but it usually wanes after a week or so. Ok, after a couple of days.

Today is the third day of school and it is a full day for everyone. I dropped off all three of them and watched them walk into the school all by themselves. My little Kindergartener walked in ahead of the other two with his backpack on his back, faded into a pack of kids, turned the corner to his classroom and never looked back. The other two (second and third grade) repeated the same turning the opposite way to their classrooms. I was left at the outside door by myself wondering if they will be ok and more so, will I be ok?

Is There A FLip Side?

I am home now. Do you hear that? Silence except the fish tank burbling, the breathing dogs and....and.....what's that? Ahhhhhh-ahhhhh-ahhhhhh. Choirs of angels singing. I am free. Cause I'm free to do what I want,  any old time. For the first time in 8 years, I have a full day to do whatever I want.

Guess what I am doing today? Lunch duty!!! hahahahahahahaha!

(I do have a mani-pedi later too)
Daddy walking with Kindergartener. 

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Barb said...

I love it! Great flip side with the worrying mom but also the mom with some "me time"!! I would love a copy of your book for my classroom when it some out! I teach 4th grde but they are never too old to learn about The Flip Side!

Amber Housey said...

Thank you. I am anxiously waiting for my book to get done. It is almost there. Believe me, the celebrations will be heard around the world when it is done! Make sure you are on for updates. If i am every in your area, I could come to your class. Where are you?