Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recycled Bad News Beads- A Flip Side Project

Are you sick of bad news? Is it hard to find something uplifting and creative to read in the newspaper? Well, I have an idea for you and your kids (and you will enjoy it just as much as your kids).

This the flip side to bad news.... Recycled Bad News Beads!

What you need:
sheets of newspaper or magazine
nylon thread or cord

Here's what to do:
1. Mark the top of the newspaper or magazine at 1" intervals all the way across.
2. Then mark the other side, beginning 1/2" from the edge and continue to mark 1" intervals on this side, all the way across.
3. Draw lines connecting the mark at the top to the marks at the bottom creating long triangles.
4. Cut out the triangles on the lines.
5. Lay the triangle down with the wide end nearest you. Lay the toothpick on the wide end and begin to roll it on the toothpick.
6. Then glue inside strip. Wind up until point is securely glued. The point should be in the middle of the bead.
7. Remove toothpick and let bead dry.
8. Make about 10 beads.
9. Thread beads onto a piece of nylon thread or cord. Tie ends.
10. Wear as a necklace!


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Alicia C. said...

I've seen tutorials for making paper beads before, but they've always seemed too time-consuming for a busy mom. Yours, on the other hand, looks so simple. I'm doing this one soon!

Amber Housey said...

Great! You'll find you like it too. The more colorful and patterned the bead. I used to make these with my students and now my family. Show us what you make. I'd love to see Alicia!

Aimee from Classified: Mom said...

I love that you linked up to the Sunday Showcase- but more than that I love the video on this!

Amber Housey said...

Thanks Aimee for saying so. Not my comfort zone but I thought it would be easier and a bit more entertaining (laughing at me) to learn. Watch out Martha Stewart. Yikes.

charlie nitric said...

Hi Amber -

WOWwww Oscar Winner...Golden Globe...Academy Award!!! I agree with Aimee and I love that you did an instructional video for other moms & kids. That's very nice and we all get to meet you more personally - so cool ^5. You're much more brave than I am #nophotosplease . Hope you wake up Thursday morning to a fantastic new day. :)

Amber Housey said...

Charlie, what would I do without you? How much do I owe you now for all of the nice words? I'll go broke. Thank you. I can't believe I put it on there. Not the most comfortable thing. there is another one on here but I'm not telling you where. heh, heh. Thanks.

charlie nitric said...

Hi Amber -

Guess what? I'm cut off from tweeting for the evening as I've hit my daily tweet limit, lol. SO, I came to visit you here again to read more of your work and comment. I'm so happy I did because you spilled the beans young lady hahaha. I'm not very good with computers but I'm on a mission now to locate that other video. Checklist: night vision (ck), blood hounds (ck), fried chicken & cookies (ck)... It might take me a while so GOSH, I get hungry you know hahahahaha. Have a good Thursday evening and happy Friday morning :).