Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Extraordinary Geek

I found this article that said kids should embrace their inner loser. What?  I had to read on. It was about those kids who feel they are lower on the social pyramid and don't feel they belong when in fact they are the ones who are the most interesting and have the great ideas. The author wrote a book called, The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth. I don't think they will inherit it. I think they already have. If you ask many successful and creative people what they were like in highschool, many will tell you they were nerds. My child's pediatrician will openly say she was and is a nerd and she is also one of the most popular pediatricians in the area. I openly admit that I was a geek and still am in many ways. I embrace it.

So I was inspired to write you a poem related to this topic as a post today. At the bottom is a link to the article. Have a nerdy day!

Love the loser you think you are,
Embrace your inner nerd,
See the qualities that make you think,
Even if absurd.

It's your interesting personality,
And your quirky style.
It's your refreshing ideas,
That will take you the extra mile.

A social pyramid is a downward slope
Lonely at the top.
A social circle accepting all
Is really hard to stop.

Love yourself for who you are
The qualities so unique.
You are truly the special one
That extraordinary geek.


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