Thursday, May 5, 2011

Queen of her Queendom

Mission #67 Are you playing with a full deck?

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This is my 3rd card of 52 in the deck. 52? or 50? No, 52 cards in a deck and 50 states in the US...and 13 original colonies represented by the 13 stars, no stripes on the flag (50 stars for the states). Right? This isn't a history lesson. Cards not states. (sometimes I ramble on out in left field. You know its safer from flying balls out in left field.)

This one seems a bit easy for me because Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday. So I declare it my Queen day and I request all attention to paid to me on this day for I am ruler of my Queendom. Queen-DOM not DUM.
I am Queen Amber and shall be treated as such. Ok? Helloooo. Anyone?

Actually, my husband is great about Mother's day and takes on all responsibilities including cooking, getting the kids ready, keeping the kids from causing upset, gives me gifts, helps the kids get me gifts, generally breakfast in bed and so on. He's a good man that Charlie Brown. Mind you, I love him just the same on Father's Day.  We try to "love" each other all year even if I am not the most lovable until I have had my coffee and breakfast. Ask him. I didn't tell him that until after he married me. heh, heh.

So, my Queen card this week has ranked me as Queen for a Day on Saturday. It is the most Blessed thing that has ever happened to me. Loving my children is like no other and the hardest job in the world. I wouldn't change a thing.

I hope all Mother's on Mother's Day have a beautiful day and BE SPOILED! You deserve it. Love.

"On Mother's Day I have written a poem for you.  In the interest of poetic economy and truth, I have succeeded in concentrating my deepest feelings and beliefs into two perfectly crafted lines:  You're my mother, I would have no other!"  ~Forest Houtenschil

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I've watched your blog for a bit since the April 7 boot camp. Thanks for sharing. TB