Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm Playing with a Full Deck (most of the time)!

Amy Krause Rosenthal is a wonderful author who is inspiring the world with her words spoken, written and recorded. She makes me laugh and cry because this is my mission with Flip Side Stories. I want to inspire the world with my books and Flip Side Mission. Who is Amy?

Amy has a new mission involving playing cards. For 52 weeks, she wants us to draw out one card and use it as a spring board for doing something for that day. The video explains it.
Here is my first card:

My card is six. Hmm. What shall I do with 6 clubs. I could go out to 6 clubs dancing this weekend. Um, that'll never happen. Boring me is usually bed by 10 PM.
If it was nice out, I might take the kids out to find 6 four leaf clovers. I have a week to find them, right? Let me think...

I got it. While talking to my husband just now, he said we need to enjoy time with our friends more. So I said,  "Amy says.... and we are going to invite 6 friends over for dinner this Saturday."  We get so 
wrapped up in our daily lives and how busy they are that it is difficult to invite our friends
into our day. We have so many friends that we never see. So when he gets home we are going to make a plan. There is my plan for 1/52 of my deck. What is YOURS going to be??  

Please share with me. I'd love to be inspired by you.

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Rachel said...

Not sure that I have a plan based on a deck of cards. But I can tell you that I have just learned a huge lesson in life. As you know I moved to Tennessee for a new job. I just had to get out of Michigan and the cold weather. I have been here almost 10 months and I want to come home. I have met some really great people here and the area that we live is beautiful and the weather is just as nice, but it’s more important in life to be close to family and friends. (Austin and my parents and sister) I never in a million years thought I would ever feel this way. In fact I think I have lost my mind. But the bottom line is, I miss Michigan. I also miss the grid of the metro area, the mile roads, knowing where I’m going, being able to go up North on weekends, visiting with neighbors and watching all the kids play and ride their bikes, Polish ham, bagels, Win Schulers Cheese. It’s the simple things that matter. I have to finish out my contract and we plan to move back next summer. I have 15 months to go, 458 days, but who’s counting.