Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toot, Sweet.

Everyone has the opportunity to walk through a "fart" or have one themselves at some point or another. For example, walking through a store. We have all walked through one and made the face and scurried through it to avoid any length of time smelling it and worse yet, that someone might think you did it. And you know most of us have polluted the air in some franchise chain and before you could leave the isle, someone enters. Yeah, not good. If you are with a kid, blame is the only option. "Jeez, Joey, do you have to go to the bathroom?" Mind you, do not say this to a kid over 6 years old. They are on to you and will let everyone know it was you. Not me of course.

  Regardless from where it comes, they are uncomfortable. Some smell for a while and some are brief. It is how gracefully we can get through them. Shawne Duperon, , says that in life, we also have "toot" like situations that are uncomfortable and that we would gladly like to remove ourselves from.  Small toots might be slipping in front of a group of people. Bigger ones might be being called into the school for your child's misbehavior. They are uncomfortable.

Let me share one today. I was in line at the cashier. There was a young man that was clearly new at the job and looked terrified. Behind him was an older woman (compared to his young age) peering over his shoulder. There was another veteran cashier within 2 feet and the bagger who was a bit older than he. Then, there was me and a line of people waiting. Uncomfortable shift-long toot for this kid. I felt bad. So, I said, "Do you ever feel like someone is looking over your shoulder?" He smiled and said yes. The woman behind him smiled and laughed. The young man continued checking out not knowing what most of the produce was so I continued to make light of the situation. I said it was a good place to learn what all this stuff is. I also told I'd be back to test him. The woman said I could tell him how to cook it. Microwave? So we all chatted and made light of it and he smiled and was happy to let me join his toot. The customers behind me heard everything and they were smiling. I was sure they would help him out too.

That young man is going to have a very uncomfortable day and I hope the five minutes I spent with him will help him be more comfortable. I had empathy for him and compassion. Share some with someone today and help them through their "Toot." :)

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