Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Molly Coddle Tile Giveaway

Molly Coddle Tile Giveaway has Ended. Watch for More Giveaways from Molly and others. Please visit Molly Coddle tiles today!
Molly has offered to give away one of her beautiful Bunny tiles this week as a Flip Side drawing giveaway!

So how can you put this cute bunny tile in your home for free? (you can choose from three colors as seen on Flipsidestories.)

There are 3 ways to enter - you can do 1 or all 3 to better your chances.

1. Follow this BLOG and comment at the bottom of this post and tell us: 
    What is your favorite Easter treat?
2. Spread the word about our giveaway on your Facebook page by "like"ing MollyCoddle and tell us you did here in the comment box.
3. Tweet this blog using the tweet button on the upper right. Tell us you did. 

We'll draw the lucky winner and post it on Monday, April 18, 2011 and post it on the site.

Have fun, good luck and thanks for playing!

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If you'd like to have a Flip Side Giveaway, please contact me flipsidestories@aol.com


asimonelli said...

Anything chocolate covered and filled with marshmallow!

asimonelli said...

I tweeted and Facebooked too! Love the bunny tile! Thanks Amber!

Shelly Herzog said...

Peanut Butter Eggs - YUM!!! The bunny tiles are soooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Solid, dark chocolate bunnies! One for me, one for the Easter basket. Two for me.. one for the basket!

Rachel Piacentini said...

I'm going to have to go with cadbury eggs. I stock up on them this time of year and hide them from the kids so I have them to eat 6 months later.....lol

Steph A said...

BLACK Jelly Beans---I know I am one of the few...this is the only time of year you can find them!!!!

laford0608 said...

I would have to say a solid WHITE CHOCOLATE bunny! (Stale Peeps are a close second though!)

John Feskorn said...

Well Amber, Having a weakness for sweets, I like all of the above! But if I have to choose...I'll go with Peeps (few seconds in the microwave is cool) :) John