Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Last week, I received the illustrations for my book. It was an emotional moment sitting in front of my screen, one by one, downloading the files. Each one popped up covering up the one behind it only giving me a brief glimpse of their whimsical scenes. As I carefully looked at each one, my emotions began to surface.

Backing up, when I received the emails, I was nervous because I knew this would be one step closer to the final masterpiece (I like to call it that).  It is possible that its success will be minimal but at least I can say that i did get one of my many books published and I can share that with my family. I am proud of that. Or, it will be wildly successful and I will have to figure out how to balance my family and my book.  I'll eat an elephant one bite at a time.

While I was looking at them, I started to cry. I was crying out of relief that they are completed and then, most of all, because Denise gave my story life with delightful characters and charming detail. It is a dream come true. I can only hope she feels the same way. I have not met her nor talked to her so our only communication is through my editor and publisher and through my written words and her paintbrush. We are a match. She captured my words so well and added her creative touch. I hope she will want to do more of the Flip Side Stories. www.deniseclemmensen.com

So, the illustrations are approved and she will send out the originals from California. We have sent her some cover ideas for her to sketch. We will have to approve those and she off to painting again.

The last steps are layout, proof and print. Print, print, print. Then I hope everyone will want to share this book with their children. I hope to encourage a more empathetic, caring, compassionate and tolerant world.

Here's a sneak peek.


Lori Jo Vest said...

You are truly blessed with some wonderful art and a true partner in your vision in Denise. YES, you will be wildly successful. Can't wait to see you soar, lovely!

john serpa said...

I cannot wait to read these stories to my daughter Abigail, we love to read together and she is going to love these books. You have an amazing gift to synthesize your words with the artwork. Denise is the left hand, you are the right hand, both working in unison to convey the message.

I look forward to the day I walk into a Barnes and Noble and see Flip Side Stories on the shelves, helping to shape the hearts and minds of children—and adults.

You be proud of your hard work, its truly an inspiration to all of us.